Moog Minimoog Model D

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Well, well, well.... Looky what we got here... 

The almighty Minimoog. Undisputed King of the monophonic synths. And upon the first note you strike, the warmth of the analog oscillators leave no questions as to "why" it sits on the throne.

These synths have a unique background. Created by Moog engineers in hopes of keeping their jobs when the interest in modular synths started to fall, they hoped this affordable, portable "pre-patched" synthesizer concept would catch onBob Moog at first was not impressed and kind of pushed it off as novelty, until he finally saw it's potential many prototypes later and authorized it into production. The Model D also was the first synth/keyboard to use a pitch-wheel (missed patent opportunity!) The "pre-patched" approach worked, making the Minimoog Model D highly intuitive that requires very little synthesis knowledge to use.

Cool history lesson. Let's talk about what it do. The Model D boasts contouring circuits and three separate, completely original oscillators, one of which can be used as an LFO. Blendable White and Pink noise, and of course that legendary filter. But if you're looking at this listing you already know about these things. Sporting a late serial number #12807, this model was likely made during the last production year and was Bob Moog's favorite version, claiming the synth had been improved upon. But the truth is, they all sound a little unique. This one? IT SOUNDS DOPE. 

Funk sounds of Parliament and Stevie? Check.
Prog leads of Yes and ELP? Check.
Electronic thumps of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream? Check.

This one is the one. And this specific one is CLEAN. Look at the pictures closely and you'll be hard pressed to find more than a few scratches here and there. It has been extremely well taken care of and is ready to find it's new forever home. It functions flawlessly, not a scratchy pot in the bunch.

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