Mu-Tron Boostron II

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Hi-Fi Clean Boost and Compressor

The Mu-Tron BOOSTRON II is an independent dual effect that provides 3 types of clean boost on one channel and a high-headroom, low-noise compressor on the other. By utilizing the same dual-voltage power supply as the MICRO-TRON IV and the OCTAVIDER+, the BOOSTRON II is transparent and allows for pure line amplification of your instrument. By creating “more” of your tone and “driving” other effects, cable runs and the front-end of tube and solid-state amplifiers, the BOOSTRON II enriches the harmonic overtones and expands frequency response across the full-range audio spectrum. An important but sometimes overlooked part of the signal chain, the BOOSTRON II has the same quality, ruggedness, and reliability that makes Mu-Tron the first choice of professional musicians.

BOOST – Switchable between 3 different classic preamp circuits designs which man boost circuits have been derived from. High-headroom, low-noise implementations of these circuits using Mu-Tron’s internal dual-rail power supply. Each preamp provides a different voicing and reactivity to your instrument and your playing style. Each preamp provides minimal tonal coloration and has it’s own internal level control.

SQUEEZE – The BOOSTRON II also takes the tried and true Orange Squeezer compressor circuit and redefines it to a whole new professional-grade level. From extreme settings for ultimate squash and sustain to light, transparent boost, this compressor is so clean that you may not notice it is on. With an interactive reaction to your dynamics, the high-headroom provides for the articulation of soft passages.

The main purpose of the BOOSTRON II is to be used with other devices such as effect pedals, preamps,
amplifiers, and recording consoles. The BOOSTRON II is designed to work in tandem with other Mu-Tron
products such as the OCTAVIDER+ and the MICRO-TRON IV. The BOOSTRON II improves tracking for pitch-shift effects, improves triggering for envelope filters, and makes overdrive and distortion effects even thicker. Used at the end of the signal chain, the BOOSTRON II is great as a limiter or a signal buffer.

Dual-Rail power supply for high-headroom and low noise. Versatile preamp effect provides 3 separate circuit designs to be used for many instruments. Amazing studio-grade compressor effect for squashing, limiting or pumping signal.LED (light-emitting diode) indicators to show the operating status of effects. 9V DC powered in rugged Mu-Tron enclosure. The Mu-Tron BOOSTRON II provides added functionality to these classic effects all bundled in our “mini-mu” housing. Made in the USA, this new Mu-Tron product combines visual and sonic cues from the past with a thoroughly modern, pedalboard oriented approach.


  • The ability to preserve dynamics and harmonic content of the original signal. 
  • Low-noise operation.  High-fidelity, analog signal processing.
  • Three classic boost circuits and compressor circuits powered by Mu-Tron bipolar power supply. 
  • Internal controls for individual preamp levels, allowing for many usage configurations. 
  • LED (light-emitting diode) indicators to show the operating status of effects. 
  • 9V DC powered in rugged Mu-Tron enclosure.


  • Boost controls the master level of the preamp BOOST effect signal
  • Squeeze controls the amount of compression of the SQUEEZE effect signal
  • Level controls the master level of the SQUEEZE effect signal
  • Preamp (RR/SB/MU) allows selection of preamp circuit
  • Ranger (H/M/L) allows selection of EQ curve for RR circuit only
  • BOOST engages preamp
  • SQUEEZE engages compressor