Nobels ODR-1 Plus 10th Anniversary Natural Overdrive XTS Rehouse

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The ODR-1 Overdrive is a real neo-classic. In the 90s it quickly became an insider tip in the Nashville studio scene due to its wide sound spectrum and very natural, warm sound and can be heard on numerous recordings. This is THAT pedal. The one all of the session players on your favorite records from that era were using. The one all the reissues and clones aspire to emulate. 

The ODR-1 is widely known for its versatile circuit, being able to nail anything from subtle transparent overdrive to full-on distortion, no matter what guitar or pickups you're using through it. This is of course the ODR-1 Plus that kicks in that extra gain when you need it!

What's more is this pedal has been expertly rehoused by the pros at XTS. It's been given a tougher, sturdier metal enclosure and the Plus switch has been moved to an onboard footswitch so you can get that extra Gain boost right when you need it, at the tap of a toe. Dope!

The original enclosure is also included! Say whaaaaat??!

This gem is lightly used and in great condition. We'll ship it to you safely and swiftly! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this pedal!