Nord Electro 2 Sixty-One

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Great tools are simple ones, and the Electro 2 is a great tool for musicians. Sometimes the best tool isn’t a Swiss Army Knife. There are certain unique electric pianos that have been staple ingredients of music for decades, and they are more useful now than they’ve ever been. These instruments are unique, and they have a soul of their own.

The Electro 2’s organ section is modeled from a digital simulation of the mechanical tonewheels of the classic Hammond B3. This is an innovative and unique method of tonewheel simulation is what gives the Electro 2 its unique and accurate B3 sound. A complex digital model of the B3’s chorus and vibrato scanners, the individual random contact bounces for each partial, and the frequency characteristics of the built-in preamp form the body of the Electro 2’s B3 sound. The Electro 2 also faithfully simulates the energy robbing from the tonewheels, which results in the typically “compressed” sound that comes from playing many notes simultaneously. The virtual tonewheels have been accurately tuned according to the original B3 design. The Rotary Speaker simulation found in the effects section is just icing on the cake!

The piano section is comprised of five carefully sampled electric pianos - E-Piano Mark I, E-Piano Mark I Suitcase, Wurlitzer 200A, Mega Clavinet D6, and a custom Electric Grand Model G. The Mega Clavinet D6 sound offers all the filter and pickup variations of the original Clavinet D6. You have access to 60 + 4 different Clavinet D6 sounds, your favorite settings of which can be saved as user sounds. The Electro 2 also includes a Malmsjoe Grand Piano, rounding out the necessary elements for the perfect stage piano!

This incredible 61 key electric piano is very lightly used, and functions flawlessly. We'll ship it to your door safe and sound. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!