Novo Serus P2 2022 Candy Red

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We have a serious crush on Novo! They continually blow us away with some of damn best guitars being cranked out today! 

This deliciously sweet candy red Serus P2! Crafted from pine (part of what makes it stupid light (6.78 lbs), it sports an Indian rosewood fretboard and a Medium "C" maple neck in which the back has been sanded and oiled to make it silky smooth. Going further down the rabbit hole: the neck features a radius of 9.5" (0.834" - 0.951" at the 1st and 12th), and a 1.653" nut width. Electronics include Fralin P90 soapbar pickups (N:6.60 M:3.64 B:7.91), volume & tone knobs, 3 way selector switch and TonePros Tune-o-Matic bridge. 

This very lightly used Novo sports a subtle relic job (see pictured). Like all instruments here at EMS, it has received a superb setup from our in-house luthiers, to ensure that it arrives in your hands with fast, easy action, precise intonation, and level frets.

We'll ship this guitar to you safely and swiftly in it's premium Mono gig bag! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!