Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor Parallel Multi Modulator

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Unlike most dual effect pedals, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor is a modulation pedal that explores running effects in parallel rather than series. The primary channel has three-modes: tremolo, chorus, and phaser, with rate and depth controls for setting a base modulation. Where the Visitor gets into new territory is with the secondary channel. With a choice of tremolo or chorus, it utilizes a single macro level control affecting its own rate, depth, and delay time at once, as well as having internal interactions with the primary channel for increased depth. For those interested in getting lost in washes of heavy modulation, the Visitor graciously offers a dive into the complex and interactive world of parallel effects processing.


  • 2 channel parallel modulation pedal
  • 3 mode primary channel: tremolo, chorus, or phaser
  • 2 mode secondary channel: tremolo or chorus
  • Rate and depth controls for primary channel
  • Secondary macro control over many parameters
  • Master feedback control
  • Expression input for secondary channel control