Orange OR-120 Overdrive 1976

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One of the most iconic Orange amps and a true workhorse. This rare black tolex OR-120 was made in the U.K. in 1976 and is an absolute institution among rock amps. Page, Kossoff, Green, etc etc etc. It features the graphics/text faceplate and that eye-catching, unexpected black tolex covered cabinet. It is unbelievable, sounds utterly classic, and takes pedals like a boss (which you now we love). 

This thing fucking rips! But you already knew that. The classic Brit tones come through loud and clear via the quad of EL34's. The handwired point-to-point guts of these amps are a beautiful thing to behold. It has a great amount of headroom to slam your pedals through, equally the crunch on these is big, ballsy, and punchy. Get the classic rock tones of the legends mentioned above. But the sounds within this box are also monstrous and doomy, making it a favorite for the modern heavy rock and stoner metal crowd. The loud, dirty gain will still clean up nicely when you roll back the guitar volume. 

Across the front you've got controls for F.A.C., Bass, Treble, Presence, Gain, and Master Volume. The effects loop is easily accessible on the front panel to run your effects through if you see fit. On the backside you'll find the mains power selector and impedance selector for matching up with your speaker cab.

The badass techs here at EMS have gone through this beast to insure that everything is tight, clean, and ready for stage or studio. A few things have been done along it's long life to ensure it's functionality. First are the usual suspects, electrolytic and filter caps. Lucky for you, they have already been professionally replaced and will be a none-issue for many years to come. Secondly, this beast has a replaced output transformer and has had a three-way switch installed to add a "Stand-by" feature, so those tubes can get all nice and warm before you rain down heavy metal thunder of the gods. Worth noting, if you look at the photos, there is no back panel included, one can be created for an additional charge, just hit us up. But honestly, it's in fantastic shape for its age and sounds absolutely KILLER. 

It obviously has some minor cosmetic bumps and dings consistent with an amp of its age, but this is all aesthetic. Inside and out it looks amazing and sounds even better. Grab this classic beast and we'll have it shipped safe and secure while you downtune you guitar in preparation.