Orange OR-112M Overdrive Series Two 1979

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And the heavens parted, and the gods did give us the mighty OR-112M! This super rare head from the late 70's was produced in England and puts out some of the crunchiest, creamiest tones on the planet. Master volume? Because why? Because they CAN and they DID. Now YOU get to benefit from their wonderful creation. Bedroom Doom. I just named your next record, I'll take 15% please. 

Powered with a quad of EL34s for the Brit tones we've all heard on our favorite records. Across the front panel you have controls for Volume, Bass, Treble, and Presence. On the right side you get a selectable Contour control and Master volume. The Contour selector is a rotary "tone du jour" that allows you to reshape your high and low response as you go from left to right. Big warm and ballsy, or punchy and bright. Choose your own adventure. 

This booger is loud and gets the damn job done. Big and bad enough for the bigger stages and also can deliver the goods for the small clubs. Enough head room for pedals boys and girls and enough gain on tap to just crank it and go.

The amp techs here at EMS have gone through this amp to make sure everything is clean and tight and works great. It's got a recent cap job (a good thing) and the tubes are biased and sound fantastico. This all means you get to keep that "just bought an amp and it has a problem" repair money in your dang pocket. Ain't that how it should be? Go buy yourself some tacos or something.

Now we must pause to appreciate the small things. The branded font. The thin cursive. The knobs. THE POWER BUTTONS.     ::le sigh::     

....someone better buy this quick before we yank down the listing and keep it for ourselves. 

If you do manage to make it through the checkout process before we change our minds, we want you to know that it'll ship out to you swiftly and safely, ready for stage or studio. We just hope you're ready for the constant questions and gear envy that this amp is a magnet for. 

Please call if you have any questions.