Origin Effects RevivalTrem Analog Bias Tremolo

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Vintage-style Bias Tremolo in a Compact Pedal

Many classic tube amps from the 1950s and 1960s featured the incomparably lush and dreamy sound of bias tremolo, a unique effect found on few modern amps and not available in pedal form — until now! So, what’s so special about bias tremolo? First, the quality of the modulation — it’s remarkably smooth and brimming over with vibe. Second, unlike optical or VCA-based tremolos, bias tremolo responds to your playing dynamics, opening up as you dig into the strings so that your attack shines through before washing over the sustaining notes. And when playing delicately, bias tremolo has a pleasant and hypnotizing warble. Origin Effects RevivalTREM transports this effect into a compact pedal and pairs it with a Brown-style overdrive that is equally full of old-school character. While it’s steeped in vintage tone, RevivalTREM comes equipped with modern features that expand its sonic potential, including tap tempo via external footswitch, switchable waveshapes, a multi-switch to double or triple the trem speed instantly, and a post-overdrive EQ that allows you to match the pedal to your amp’s voicing for the best possible sound. Origin Effects are specifically built for tone chasers, and they’re a favorite of guitarists at Sweetwater. So, if you’re looking for a tremolo with a distinctive character, then the Origin Effects RevivalTREM bias tremolo pedal is the one for you!

Origin Effects: superior pedals for discerning tone chasers

Origin Effects’ founder and lead designer, Simon Keats, has an outstanding resume, working alongside numerous venerated pro audio equipment manufacturers. As a guitarist, Simon recognized a need for effects pedals that offer a high degree of quality and musicality not always available outside of custom-made devices. Origin Effects was created to answer that need. To ensure the highest quality product possible, every Origin Effects pedal is hand-assembled, individually inspected, and manufactured using only premium components. Origin Effects is not your typical pedal company. They’re committed to serving the most discerning players who are on a quest to achieve the best possible tone.

Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Pedal Features:

  • Lush and dreamy vintage bias tremolo in a compact pedal
  • Paired with a warm Brown-style overdrive
  • Switchable waveshapes and tap tempo via footswitch (footswitch not included)
  • Post-overdrive EQ matches the pedal to your amp for the best possible sound
  • Housed in a hand-polished stainless-steel enclosure
  • Manufactured with premium componentry
  • Assembled by hand and individually inspected