Peavey Classic 100 Series 50w 2x12 Combo

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As some folks on the internet love to say about these pre-2000's Peavey amps, "F*ck tone, acquire volume." But don't let the expression fool you, this thing has tone for DAYS.

We here at EMS are big fans of Peavey gear. The working man's amplifier. No frills, no hype, no magic transistors, just utilitarian horsepower. Like the Ford F150 of combo amps. You can use this mid-90's workhorse for a super pristine clean pedal platform with the Master cranked, or pull back on the Master and crank the Normal or Bright preamp for some fuzz-like breakup. We really love the sag it gets when you max out the preamp on the Bright channel and roll back the Treble a bit. Doom city baby.

This amp shows some clear signs of use, but let's be real, what Peavey amp doesn't? The tolex tears and grill cloth rips just contribute to the vibe. This thing has been gigged hard, but our amp tech here at EMS has made sure that it'll make its way to you with a clean bill of health, ready to rip. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!