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Tremolo has always been a favored effect. There are tons of vintage offerings as well as amp tremolo, but some players are always left wanting more. If you have ever experienced the feeling of cranking a low wattage tube amp to its absolute max, and running its on-board tremolo, well then you know exactly what we're talking about. That is the sound! Recreating this sound isn’t quite enough though for Pine-Box. Not only did they want the feeling of hot tubes, they wanted the functionality that modern tremolo designs have to offer. Waveform selection, tap tempo, the list goes on.

Crooked Teeth solves this issue. You're welcome.

You have an always on, raw and heavily saturated preamplifier on the front end of the tremolo. You can get everything from light and fuzzy overdrives to a decently heavy fuzz tone on the front end, much like a low wattage vintage amp. All of the noisiness and crackling that let you know you’re playing something one of a kind and something special. You have a texture control which gives you a bit more saturation, and starves the transistors. This control has a wide sweep and can cover a lot of gain territory. A somewhat interactive tone control will also help you dial in your exact tone, as well as give yourself a little bit of a bass boost into fuzz territory. This circuit is driving the front end of each tremolo. And much like playing cranked tube amps, a lot of tones can be found by just experimenting with and utilizing your guitars volume control.

Now for the tremolo side of things.

Crooked teeth is a stereo tremolo. You have full control over each output. Two individual tremolos that each give you control over depth, rate, and waveform.

You have the option to sync the rates via the tap tempo switch and the ability to invert the LFOs, offering you even more depth and movement within a stereo setup.

The list does not end here!

When in stereo, this device is fairly straight forward. You have full control over each output.

When in mono, you have full control over each circuit….Through one output. Thats right. You can now run both signals in a series into one output while still having control over each depth, rate, and waveform. This is perhaps the most important feature within crooked teeth.

This is a highly experimental noise machine. While it can be very straightforward and simplistic, this is a device that will offer you a sonic landscape that you’ve likely not experienced. It is not transparent. It is not without character of its own. One day I may release a simpler, more traditional tremolo that will get the job done. But today, with crooked teeth, we are inspired to play and to create, and to find new sounds that we’ve never heard before.

*whew* There's so much that can be said about this pedal. They have packed in features on top o' features. This one is used but is in excellent condition and sounds amazing. It ships the next day with the original box and goodies.