Pine-Box Customs / Farm Pedals Bloodline Dual Fuzz

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The Bloodline Dual Fuzz is a dynamic fuzz pedal made for unleashing wild distorted tones. A product of a collaboration between Pine-Box Customs and Farm Pedals, the Bloodline delivers a wide array of overdriven and fuzzed tones, while also stacking exceptionally well. The two effects complement each other greatly when stacked, while an order toggle allows players to engage one effect in front of the other. Both effects have a warm character that can be pushed or dialed back with bias, body, and tone controls. The responsive controls of the Bloodline work well to contour the fuzz and overdriven voices while either effect is engaged, while a bass boost switch fills out the lower voice and adds a hefty roar to the mix. With two exceptional effects and a wealth of adjustable characteristics, the Farm Pedals and Pine-Box Customs Bloodline makes for a combo of expressive distorted voices.

This pedal is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly in its original box!