Player's Gear Texas Trailer Park Trash Texas Twang Pedal

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Hand-wired in a small shop nestled in the fields of north central Indiana, this is the classic Dallas Rangemaster circuit with an option to boost more mids.  Put the switch in the low position for vintage treble boosted goodness (great for Les Pauls, ES-335s, and darker-sounding guitars OR playing through a darker-sounding amplifier).  Flip the switch into the lower position to add more mids to your tone (for the Stevie-flavored bite many players have been searching for).  The volume knob on the side is to adjust the level of boost.

The TTPT sounds best plugged into a crunchy overdriven amp, pushing it to the verge of feedback. It tightens up the low strings for a solid low-end, but also smoothly pushes the high-end’s gain in a pleasant way.  It is ver, very loud.  It is also very, very big and dynamic. You can lower the boost, to quiet it down, but it will lose some of the twang that makes it special as you lower the boost.

If you want to play at a lower volume, you can run your TTPT into an overdrive pedal. It's not the same as pushing an overdriven amp, but the effect is similar and it gives you a little more control over your volume.

This pedal is new with a sweet a distressed finish.