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BIAS Rack is a rackmount amplifier that was made for the stage - it sounds and feels like your favorite classic and boutique tube amps, but offers entirely new sonic flexibility. The advanced component emulation engine captures the warmth, girth and feel of real tube amps, authentically recreating the complex circuit behaviors that make them do what they do. From djent to jazz and everything in between, our BIAS Rack is deeply rooted in the rich history of tube amplifier design while remaining aimed directly at the future.


Harnessing the power of BIAS Rack is easy - just select one of the 25 onboard presets, grab a knob and start tweaking. Need more grit on your clean tone? Add another tube stage to the preamp. Want the power amp to feel more aggressive? Change the circuit topology and push the virtual power tubes harder. Prefer a crisper treble response? Flip the power amp presence switch to Modern and hear the top end open up. All of this tweaking is possible directly from the rackmount amp’s front panel knobs, so it’s completely intuitive - no laptop or mobile device required.


If you want to dive headlong into the world of amp customization, BIAS Rack comes with our amazing BIAS AMP Pro software suite (a $199 value), allowing you to recreate the sound and feel of nearly any existing amplifier. Even better, it gives you the power to create an entirely NEW amp design that is unique to you and the way YOU play.

Connect via built-in Bluetooth or USB, and open up a world of component options previously only available with a soldering iron: choose between different preamp and power amp circuits, change the tubes and transformers, add clipping diodes and try out different rectifiers - all completely authentic and all in real time. It’s like having a boutique amplifier workshop at your fingertips.


Deciding which amp to take to a gig can be problematic - tube amps can be heavy, and they’re designed to operate within a specific volume range. Many guitarists find that they actually need multiple amps to cover all of the sizes of gigs they play, and that just gets flat out expensive.

That stuff isn’t a problem with BIAS Rack, because it sounds and feels authentic no matter where the master volume is set. The built-in 600-watt power amp can handle any gig you throw at it, the rackmount amp format makes it easy to protect on the road, and at around 13 pounds it’s light enough to stuff into a suitcase or a rackbag in the overhead compartment. Add to that super fast patch-switching and a glitchless effects loop, and you have the ultimate gigging rackmount amp for every situation.


BIAS Rack is the most flexible pedal platform in the business. No matter how you currently connect to your pedalboard, you can swap the BIAS Rack guitar amplifier for your old amp in less than a minute.

Not only that, BIAS Rack’s sonic flexibility means that your pedalboard can be more flexible too. Gone are the days of building a board with pedals that only work with the one guitar amp you’re currently gigging with - now you can put together a much wider tonal palette.

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