Rickenbacker 4005 Bass Fireglo 1968

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This guy is sick! This ol' Ricky has lived a long hard life, but make no mistake--he's still got it. 

The perfectly aged Fireglo, the 3-piece Maple and Mahogany neck...we're seriously gushing over this bass. If you're reading this, the chances are that you know what the deal is with these 4005s, but we're happy to lay out some nitty gritty specs for ya. 

The neck profile is a comfortable C shape, measuring 0.907" at the 1st fret and 0.960 at the 12th. It has a radius of 7.25 and nut width of 1.64". Pickups are stock, electronics are stock, thank goodness! The "toaster top" pickups have ratings of 7.57k in the neck and 8.88k in the bridge. Complete with the 3-way toggle switch, you'll be able to achieve an array of different tones...and none of them could be bad. With an agreeable weight of 8.44 lbs, this bass would be an ideal companion for just about anyone. This maple-bodied, gorgeous, vintage rocker even has the original "R" tailpiece. Feast your eyes!!

Listen, there can be no doubts about how sweet this Rickenbacker is, however it isold, and has been loved on hard. There are some divots on the frets, and it will eventually need a refret, but it plays all the way up and down the neck with spot on intonation, so we have elected to keep this vintage baby as "time capsule" as possible, leaving that future decision up to whoever is lucky enough to end up with this dream bass. 

Rickenbacker is truly the crux of style and playability, and this particular instrument is no different, even with all the aforementioned playwear. With easy, low action, you'll find a joy like you've never known before while you're playing this 4005. Our techs have given this bad boy a dialed in setup, so you can get to shredding right away. 

 This Rick will ship safe, swift and secure in its original hardshell case. Feel free to give us a call at the shop with any questions you may have about this badass piece of guitar history!