Rude Tech 3Muf-14 Distortion / Fuzz

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I love distortion.  I agonize over which distortion gets a spot on my pedalboard for a certain band, or even a certain show.  A Civil War when I play bass.  A “bosstortion” with a tone bypass mod for feedback heavy punk band.  A tall-front Green with unreal bass response for a stoner/doom show.

Why can’t I have it all!?  Oh wait, I build pedals… I can have all three in one box and have room for extra goodies!

This is a heavvvy distortion/fuzz that I’m sure you’re familiar with, but I’ve brought a ton of new features along for the ride :

  • select among 3 famous circuits
  • tone bypass toggle so you can just hear the distortion/fuzz circuit alone
  • modeled after the cockpit controls of a Russian MiG jet
  • stamped serial numbers on the metal faceplate of all pedals

This circuit typically has a significant mids cut when the tone circuit is engaged, so some players opt to run it into an overdrive with a mids spike to even things out for new tonal possibilities.  Well, fam I got you covered.

The second footswitch is an in-pedal Mids Drive with silicon and germanium clipping placed after the tone section of the main distortion circuit.  A Trim control lets you use the circuit as a boost or cut, and two internal trimpots let you change the character of the Mids Drive.

Internal features:

  • socketed components
    • swap your clipping-stage transistors from the original 5888s
      • Try 5889 for slightly more gain
      • Try 2N222 for a choked-out overdrive sound
      • Try BC547 for a more vintage sounding distortion
      • And more!  I’d love to hear what you come up with
    • socketed Mids Drive opamp
      • I ship it with a 4558 for a vintage overdrive sound
      • Try TL072 for vintage but crisp sound
      • heck, try a NE5532 for modern hi-fi sound… Mr. Moneybags.
  • Mids Drive drive level
  • Mids Drive tone control

Basically, it’s your favorite distortion, but so much more flexible.