Shin-Ei Mayfair 6-Tr Fuzz Wah 1960s

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Wow, this is a rare find! A hyper aggressive fuzz wah from Shin-Ei. This "Mayfair" is from the mid to late 60's has become a lost treasure. It's a sort of/not quite Super Fuzz with loads of its own personal mojo.

The six transistor design of this circuit took away from the chainsaw-like tone of other iterations but at the same time enhanced the upper octave characteristic. And as the battery drains from use, the tone gets more interesting.

The 6-Tr places one switch under the treadle to activate the wah and one right in front of the toe position to activate the fuzz, while all controls sit on the front face.

Across the front panel you're looking at volume and fuzz level knobs along with a toggle switch that goes from soft or hard fuzz tone. The upper octave harmonics on this spicy guy bloom in the most perfect way.

Also worth noting, the foot plate has a rubberized slip that comes off quite easily (it can be adhered to the pedal if you so desire). 

Finally as with most any vintage effects pedal this dude is battery powered only. 

This now legendary pedal is quite clean despite its age and it works great! We will ship to you lightning fast and free.

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