Silvertone 1446 Black 1960's

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Well, IIIIIIIIIII don't wanna fall in love... with this guitar. But I did. Best identified with singer/songwriter, Chris Isaak, this 60's beauty has a unique vintage tone few modern guitars can copy. 

The 1446 is crafted from maple laminate with a C profile mahogany neck (.940"-1.028"). The 9.5" radius board feels comfy under the fingers and the neck sits in the hand well: not too chunky, nor too scrawny. Just as the gods intended. 

It's loaded up with original Seth Lover design pickups built by Gibson (N: 7.10k, B: 6.97k) and they are LOADED with vintage tone. Loa---wait for it---ded. 

This vintage baby is not without its mods and upgrades: it's been given a new bridge and knobs were also replaced at some point in its illustrious career. It has been refretted with jumbo frets and outfitted with locking tuners. All in all, these changes only make this badass guitar more...badasser.

Looking over it you can see that this is a player's guitar. No museum piece here. It was made to played and has been played and loved through the years. Overall there is checking (which looks cool), playwear, dings, swirl etc (see pics). 

The techs here at EMS have one through and given her level frets and a full setup so that it's ready for stage or studio. This great guitar will ship out the next day. It doesn't have a case but will be packed safely and securely. 

If you have any questions about this guitar or any of our other gear, please give us a shout here at the shop.