Silvertone 1448

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Here's a hell of a throwback! Some of the old-timers will probably recognize this one from the "All In One" series Danelectro did that included the amp-in-case set. 

This thing has seen plenty of use in its roughly six decades of playing but with recent work done it's playing well and ready for more. Beyond the original pickguard and bridge pickup we're looking at a number of excellent upgrades. Kluson tuners, Switchcraft toggle and wiring, vintage Kay knobs, Electro Socket sidejack and a Jeff Senn bridge.

The medium C shape neck measures .811" thick at the first fret and .860" at the 12th with a 16" radius and 1.69 nut width. The semi-hollow body is masonite with binding and altogether this vintage guitar weighs in at extra light 5.5 lbs. 

This used guitar plays exceptionally well for its age, especially considering these were meant to be beginner guitars, and never expected to still be played seventy plus years later. But nevertheless, here it is! The badass luthiers here at EMS have given this 1448 a fresh setup and spot level to make sure it's ready for stage or studio, while still retaining the instrument's original integrity. 

We'll ship this vintage fella super fast and super safe in its softshell gig bag. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!