Silvertone SSG-21

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Copping the look, feel, tone, and vibe of the legendary SG! This Silvertone has it all where it counts, but with some differences making it a steal for someone wanting an SG that's off the beaten path. 

Crafted completely from maple, body and neck with a pau ferro fingerboard (12" radius, just like the Gibbies!). It has a comfy slim neck with a slight taper. 

It's loaded up with a pair of humbuckers (N: 8.89k, B: 8.99k) that give you the crunchy classic bucker sound. 

This guitar is used and shows playwear over all with some finish swirl and scratches/dings in various spots (see pics). The frets have been leveled and it's been given a setup by the pro luthiers here at EMS. 

It does not include a case but will be packaged securely and shipped safely the next day.