Silvertone Violin Bass Scroll Headstock

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This is the thumper you're looking for.

All the McCartney and Motown sounds you can imagine are here in this beautiful rare Silvertone Violin style bass.

It's fresh off the bench and fully functional with original pickups, knobs, switches, tailpiece etc...

The "knob" of the scroll headstock was knocked off at some point and has been glued back on. This has absolutely nothing to do with the playability or structural integrity of the headstock and bass itself.

The frets are low, but it plays all the way up the neck with ease. Eventually it will need a refret, but right now we put it in the Gibson "fretless wonder" category. 

Freshly setup with flatwounds and ready for a new home. 

We ship swift and secure, let us know if you have any questions!