Solid State Logic X-Desk Superanalogue Mixing Console

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Ahhhh, the glorious SSL sound. Boasting the same topology as their legendary large format consoles, the X-Desk provides recording and mixing enthusiasts with the circuitry and sound but in a much smaller package. This allows the SSL to strictly handle all your desk needs like routing, panning, levels, talkback, inserts, etc. etc. 

Utilizing space saving DB25 connections, you can plug in your favorite preamps, outboard compressors, EQs, and FX units and have everything at your fingertips. 8 main inputs and 8 alt inputs with inserts on the first 8. FX returns, an insert on your main, Stereo inputs, and much more flexibility.... just like a large format console. 

This mixer comes with the rack ears and an IEC cable!

The mixer is in great condition, the only flaw is some of the black track number labeling has rubbed off which is a notorious issue with how they printed the graphics on these mixers. The previous owner had console tape in those spots and when the tape came off, so did some of the black ink. You'd most likely have console tape there labeling your gear anyways so it isn't the biggest deal. 

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