SolidGoldFX Apollo II Custom Shop Supernova Sparkle

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The Apollo II has landed! The Apollo II combines a lush, all-analog 4-stage phaser circuit with our exclusive tap tempo microprocessor. We have spent countless hours expanding on the functionality and sound of the previous generation Apollo. The Apollo II now has a variety of distinct waveforms accessible via an 11-position detent control which can be used in conjunction with 3 different rhythmic patterns providing a vast array of unique phasing options. Waveforms include more conventional sine and triangle based shapes in addition to step phasers, combined settings, randomizer and manual phase control. Adjustable depth and regen controls, coupled with an expression pedal input for speed and manual sweep complete the package while a gorgeously glossy Glitter Black Metallic finish and elegant graphic take the Apollo II to the next level.

This pedal is very lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super safe and super fast in its original box! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this pedal!