Square Amps "American" Combo

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Straight outta Austin, this vintage-themed amp is a gorgeous take on a popular, small-but-mighty combo amp that first appeared in the late 40s. It doesn't take much at all to push this circuit into natural, gnarly tube distortion. This unique and upcycled chassis houses one Ted Weber Signature Series 6in speaker and is equipped with two 5Y3S power tubes and a singular ECC83S preamp tube for all the warm and rounded tones you crave with this style of amplifier. Crank it up a bit and your jaw will hit the floor. You won't believe how much sonic destruction can come from a 6in speaker! Simply astounding. Matt Richards, founder of Square Amps, sources each housing for his builds from vintage tube radios, so each one has it's own special history. This particular build is very straightforward, having only one input channel, a volume, and tone pot on the back of the chassis. 4 ohms, 15 watts, and well-suited for both stage and studio. 

This amplifier sounds as rad as it looks and it'll ship securely and swiftly!