Sunn Concert PA Control Amp and 412 S Cabinet 1970

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You already know that Sunn made some of the coolest, most unique amps of the vintage era! Some of their products have even taken on new life, such as this Concert PA head which some creative minds have figured out makes for amazing guitar amp. Who knew!?

The Concert P.A. All solid state, loud and clean. You can get to some slight break up, but it's gone be loud, bruh!

Across the front panel you've got five channels. Pick one. Or run five different instruments into it! Each channel has Treble and Bass controls and an on/off rocker switch for the Reverb. At the far right you've got a Master Volume and Master reverb. 

Let's talk about that cab! This monster of a 4x12 is loaded up with four Eminience M-12B 8ohm replacement speakers, wired series-parallel to bring this cab to an 8ohm 300watt total. The two input jacks on the back are also wired in parallel.

This head and cab pair have definitely seen some use over the years. There's a few tolex tears here and there and some scratches and scuffs, but these are all purely cosmetic, and to be expected from an amp that is over 50 years old. Our amp tech here at EMS has gone through this bad boy and made sure it has a clean bill of health. We aren't gonna ship this thing. It's a monster. If you're interested in this guy and aren't local, it would definitely be worth the road trip to snag it.

Feel free to give us a call with any additional questions you may have about this amp!