Supro 1650RH Head & 1790 Black Magick 1x12 Extension Cabinet

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Check out this little powerhouse from Supro! The Supro 1605RH is a ripping 6-Watt Head with tube-driven spring reverb. It's super compact and gig ready. It has independent gain and master volume controls, a 2-band EQ and three tube-driven line-outputs optimized for feeding another guitar amplifier or recording console. How about that for an added bonus? The 1650RH head can be recorded direct so that you can get all that classic tube goodness and reverb right into your interface. 

The trio of line outputs is driven by the preamp tubes - before the master volume - allowing you to tame the on-board speaker down from gig volume to be used as a bedroom rig, as well as an all-tube outboard gain/reverb effect unit and direct recording preamp. The REVERB output provides 100% wet reverb signal; the DRY output provides 100% dry signal from the preamp; and the MIX output carries a blend of dry and reverb signals that can be attenuated by a variable level control on the MIX output. When the wet output is used, the reverb signal is removed from the on-board speaker output, allowing you to pass the reverb sound along to another amplifier while still hearing the gain from the 1605RH’s tube preamp utilizing either the DRY or MIX outputs, as well as the speaker outputs. When the DRY output is used, the unaffected sound of the guitar is removed from the MIX output. Classic, dynamic tone and tons of flexibility. I still don't know how they packed all of this into this sick little head.  Just turn the volume(s) up to the point of glorious overdrive and roll your guitar volume around a bit and you can get just about all the sounds you need.

All of this top shelf tone is pumped through the included Black Magick 1x12 cab loaded with an 8 ohm BD12 Speaker. 

This awesome lil' rig is lightly used and super clean. It functions like a dream and we'll ship it out to you lightning fast.