Swart AST Pro 1x12 Combo

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One of our favorite amps here at EMS. Hands. Down. Loaded with vintage tone and a unique vibe, the beauty of its tone lies in the complement of JJ/EHX Tubes powered by twin 6V6's (Michael Swart's personal favorite) all cranked through a Mojotone British Vintage Series 12" speaker. 

This AST is built for the road but without any loss in Swart style. All controls  are laid out across the back and are simple yet powerful. There are Hi and Lo inputs: if you want a little more gain (aka less talk, more action), go into the Hi input. And using the rear panel w/on fly switchable 

Also not to be overlooked are the beautiful sounding onboard reverb and tremolo functions rounding out the incredible features of this lil' combo. 

This beaut is very lightly used and in great condition! And we'll make sure it ships safely and securely! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this amp.