Swart ST-Stereo Head w/ Stereo 2x12 Cab

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YES LAAAWWD. Stereo nerds unite! This amp is freaking sick. Literally two separate 5w Class A single ended amps in one chassis with the ability to drive two cabs in stereo. Each having their own volume and tone. Pretty sick right? Well the reverb and tremolo is divided between the two amps to give you that true stereo effect. I'll have you know, it's amazing.

The speakers on the cab are at a near 45 degree angle away from each other further enhancing the stereo spread. A bit of tremolo bouncing around gives this beast an almost 3D quality and the resulting sound is HUGE. Super atmospheric. 

We're in love with this one and we're all talking about how we should just pitch in, buy it collectively and share it. 

Lightly used, but not abused. Being 2 pieces, it will be kinda pricey to ship but we can make it happen. Best price always in store!