Sweet Sound Ultra Vibe II

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If you want simply the best vintage Uni-Vibe sounding pedal available, then look no further than the Ultra Vibe II. The Ultra has the modern advantages of true bypass 1/4 W carbon comp resistors custom-made photocells and the right bulb, a smaller footprint for more room on your board. Soundwise, the Ultra-Vibe has few peers. It's warm and breathy with a lush 3-D liquid quality that envelopes your signal effortlessly.

Check these specs:

  • Bulb “bias” adjustment thru bottom of unit
  • Custom reverse engineered photo cells (from a 1969 Uni-Vibe)
  • Footswitch chorus/vibrato w/ LED indicator
  • True bypass
  • Volume Control
  • Adjust the output to match the input level.
  • Intensity Control - Adjust the depth or "intensity" of the effect, also effects the bias of the sweep to some degree.
  • Speed Control
    Adjusts the speed of the sweep. From a slow rolling phase to a bubbling, watery, pulsing throb.
  • This pedal is very lightly used and sounds incredible. It ships out the next day.