Synergy SYN-50 Amp (Friedman & Soldano Modules)

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If you want the power of the Synergy modular platform but prefer to stay with a straightforward, tube amp-based rig, the SYN-50 Dual Module 50W All-tube Head is gonna tickle your fancy.  Based around an 6L6 power section, the SYN-50 can hang with the best amps out there. The head boasts docks for two Synergy preamp modules, adding up to four footswitchable channels that have been voiced by some of the most legendary amp designers in the business. This particular head comes loaded with the Friedman DS and Soldano SLO modules...pure rock power. And while the SYN-50 is as easy to use as any amp head, it boasts immaculate cabinet simulated direct output, MIDI programming, and a transparent effects loop that makes it as useful in the home studio as it is screaming through an arena.

This bad boy is super clean (dare we say, mint) and ships out lighting fast with the included module boxes, footswitcvh, cables and manual.