T.C. Electronic M-One Dual Effects Processor

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The M-One is a powerful effects processor that's perfect for almost any pro studio setup. The M-ONE is a Dual Engine Multi-effects Processor, focusing mainly on high quality Reverbs. The M-ONE can be used for a number of purposes due to flexible routing of the two Engines and more than 20 TC algorithms. Do you want two independent Reverbs, controlled from separate Auxiliary sends? Select the Dual Input Routing plus two Reverbs, and you are up and running. Do you want a compressor in front of a delay? Select the Serial Routing, a Compressor and a Delay. You can even tap the Delay time on the TAP key. Or maybe you just want stick with that one Routing, no matter the preset? Simply use the Routing Lock function to avoid routing changes at preset change. It is really as easy as that, go ahead and tweak some keys and knobs.

This unit shows signs of love and use (see pics) but still functions great. It will ship out to you the next day.