Tallon Electric Dual Drive

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What would you do if you had a million dollars?
I'll tell you what I would do.

Two overdrives at the same time.

The LEFT SIDE borrows roots from the classic "breaker" style circuit, and promptly branches out with some sweet new features. A unique transparency toggle gives you extended control over chord clarity and picking dynamics, while a high-headroom output stage gives you enough clean gain to push your amp's input over the proverbial edge.

The RIGHT SIDE is a high powered, hard clipping machine based on a very expensive pedal that dons a man-horse hybrid with a pension for archery. Unlike it's role model, this side of the Dual Drive feeds a carefully tuned two-band EQ section that's primed and ready to achieve optimal tonal balance in all scenarios.

Use the ORDER TOGGLE to flip-flop the two circuits to your liking. Make no mistake - Many, many righteous tones await your discovery when you toggle the order.

Left Side Controls:

DRIVE - Dial it up for more overdrive.TONE - Removes excess treble.LEVEL - Controls the output volume of the left side overdrive.TOGGLE - Choose between two unique transparency modes.

Right Side Controls:

HIGH - Applies a shelf boost or cut to treble frequencies.LOW - Applies a shelf boost or cut to bass frequencies.LEVEL - Controls the output volume of the right side overdrive.GAIN - Turning up the gain simultaneously removes clean signal and introduces a hard clipped overdrive.