ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic

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This is a pedal is described as an Analog amp emula- tor. The project came about initially as Thorpy was asked to create a pedal that emulated a rare amp called the Selmer Treble and Bass 50. The player in question (Lee Harris - Saucerful of Secrets) wanted a pedal to provide him with the vintage amp tones Syd Barret used in early Pink Floyd music so that he could sound authentic whilst playing on the Saucerful of Secrets World Tour. In the pedal development Thorpe and crew made sure that the Selmer was covered tonally but as always, they went further than the initial scope of design. So, as well as the Selmer Amp we also ensured that the DR103 and AC30 style tones could be captured successfully. Fitted with a high-quality transformer, the pedal reacts to your playing and distorts like a full-size amplifier.

Super fucking cool.

THE SCARLET TUNIC as an Analog amp emulator can work fantastically well with your existing amp, your existing pedals and it integrates easily into your current rig. You can use it to create classic vintage amp sounds or craft your own sound. Tested worldwide during its development on the biggest of stages, you can be confident the SCARLET TUNIC will deliver.

Master - Use this control to increase the volume output of the pedal. This balances with the gain knob and sensitivity switch.

Gain - This control is used to increase the level of drive available on the pedal. Everything from lightly crispy through to full on amp saturation is available. The scope of this control is affected by the sensitivity switch.

Treble - This control allows you control over the treble response of the pedal. (surprise!) Counterclockwise yields smoother sounds whilst clockwise yields brighter sounds.

Bass - This control allows you control over the bass response of the pedal. Counterclockwise yields brighter sounds whilst clockwise yields darker sounds.

Presence - This is a powerful control and affects the upper-mids response of THE SCARLET TUNIC changing the character of the pedal entirely.

Deep Switch -  This changes the bass character of the pedal and is like a master bass control.

Bright Switch - This changes the brightness of the pedal and is like a master highs control.

Sens Switch -  This changes the gain character of the pedal and is like the 1/2 or hi/lo input jack option you find on old amps but with 3 gain levels.


Limited release. These will go fast.