Tokai AST BB MIJ 80s-90s

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This Tokai is a sleeper Strat. Known as some of the best lawsuits every made, this Goldstar Sound, lives up to the hype. 6 digit serial on the neck plate similar to mid 80s but the digits there leave us a little confused. Not the first time we've longed for more information on guitars like these.

Nice soft C shaped maple neck (1st-.852 12th-.950). Nut width sits 1 11/16. 

Weighing in right under 7.5 lbs, this axe is ready to bring the riffs. Stock pickups mimic a lot of re-pro vintage specs with output at N-5.57k, M-5.56k, B-5.43k. Classic Strat quack is available without the price tag and with a better story.

This guitar will ship with zero issues, as it just got off the bench and has freshly crowned frets and a beautiful setup. Ready to plug and play!

We'll get it shipped safe and secure with it's gig bag immediately upon payment!