Rockman Model II Tom Scholz SR&D Headphone Amp with Rockadapter

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Look, I know we all know how to play the intro to More Than A Feeling. Somehow we all learned it along the way. Go figure. But then with that big 70s overdrive section hits, well, we somehow never got that far with it. Because, like yer papa taught ya, you gotta have the right tool for the job. Might as well get the tool made by the man himself, Boston guitarist Tom Scholz.

Scholz created this heavily-featured headphone amp that can also be used for recoding and even live, for the more adventurous ones. The Rockman Model II (which eventually became the IIB) was quieter, cleaner, and had a better response in its distortion than previous versions; and it introduced the EDGE setting. This updated design used quieter Texas Instruments TL072 op amps. It's even got echo and chorus. Crazy what this thing is capable of. 

This one ships with the RockAdapter that allows you to forgo the batteries and get power from the wall. 

This piece of rock history shows light wear and some surface scratches (typical for the age) but works great. It ships the next day!