Totally Wycked Audio SH9 Scott Henderson Distortion

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We're stoked for this collaboration from TWA and the OG Screamer Man himself! Here's what they have to say about the Totally Wicked Audio SH9 Distortion: 

TWA is very excited to announce our first signature model, as well as our first collaboration with Tube Screamer creator Susumu Tamura – the Scott Henderson SH9 Signature Distortion.

With the SH9, Mr. Tamura has taken the basic SD-9 circuit architecture that he invented in 1981 and re-worked it to meet Scott Henderson’s exacting performance standards.

Mr. Tamura has shifted the center frequency of the SH9’s Tone control and focused it in the lows and lower-mids. Even as the Tone control is turned up, there is no loss of the bass frequencies that Scott considers essential for allowing notes to speak properly in the higher registers on the guitar.

This increased note girth combined with the SH9’s inherently compressed sound allows Scott to effortlessly articulate the fluid, horn-like lead tones that he is known for.

Another useful improvement to the SH9 circuit is an increased output level that helps the pedal to be heard clearly in a full band context.

Mr. Tamura also designed the SH9 to operate with 9-or 18-volt power. Although Scott only uses the pedal with 9-volts, powering it with 18 VDC will allow for increased headroom with less compression and a slightly different character to the distortion.

This sweet little grind box ships fast and free cuz that's how we be!