Urei 325 Active Direct Box

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Sweet fancy Moses! This isn't a one you see everyday! The 325 is a powerful pro level DI tha can work as a standard direct box, or it can use the output signal from a guitar amp. It's stuffed to the gills with studio- and live-friendly features. It features a BPMC11178B transformer and can handle anything you put through it. This lil' wonder box uses two 9V batteries but can also run on phantom power. 

The grounding capabilities of the 325 provides isolated out for an amp and can reduce RF interference. And its pre-transformer High and Low filter controls let you roll off the right frequencies to dial (or roll off) the those pesky frequencies that are standing between you and perfect tone. 

You'll find a never-ending bevy of uses for this DI. Overall it has scratches, bumps, and dings from its life of love and use but it functions great. We will ship it swiftly and safely the next day.