Vox AC30/6 TB 2000

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You've heard this amp before, that much is for sure. This iteration of the classic AC30 is among the last of the ones manufactured in the UK, and it's also the closest to 60's spec that VOX ever reissued. The AC30 6/TB was manufactured between 1994 and 2004, this specific one dates to the year 2000. 

This amp has a total of 6 inputs, hence the 6 in the name. That's 2 for each of the three channels: Normal, Brilliant, and Vib-Trem. Pro-tip, you can "jump" the channels with a patch cable and blend to your heart's content. Each channel has a dedicated volume control. Other controls include Treble, Bass, and Cut, which are very interactive with one another for creating that perfect EQ.

This amp has a set of 2 VOX Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers, is constructed of 13 ply 3/4" baltic birch plywood, and features 11 tubes: one GZ34 Rectifier, four EL84 power tubes, and six ECC83/12ax7 preamp tubes. The result of all this is a classic British voiced chime and sparkle that's unmistakable.

Our amp tech here at EMS has recently serviced this amp to ensure everything works properly, this thing is ready to rock for stage or studio use.

On the condition of this specific amp: it's seen some use. There are clear battle scars here from time spent on the road. All of these are purely cosmetic and in no way affect the awesome tone of this amp. And if you're planning on hitting the road with it yourself, it comes with a nice custom ATA Road Case, as well as a soft cover and set of casters for travel that doesn't require a the hard case.

Take a look at the photos, go listen to some Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, and give us a call if you have any questions about this unbelievable amp.