Walrus Audio's ARP-87

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Walrus Audio's ARP-87 packs loads of rich, vibrant delay tones into a conveniently-sized, fun to use unit. It has six knobs, controlling, Level, Dampen, Repeats, Ratio, X, and Program. The Program knob allows you to choose from four delay algorithms: Digital, Analog, Lo-Fi, and Slap. The X knob adjusts modulation depth in Digital, Analog, and Slap modes, while in Lo-Fi mode, Filter Width is adjusted. You can even run it with and without trails, and a two momentary footswitches control tap tempo and power. Plus, it has original artwork designed by Chris Castro, which exemplifies the ARP-87's spacey vibe. With a seemingly endless array of sounds, the ARP-87 is a treat for any delay enthusiast.

This crazy good delay is lightly used and functions perfectly. Ships the next day