Wersi Stage Performer MK1

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Talk about a rare find! This synthesizer was only produced in Germany for one year (1986). It's a 12-voice, velocity-sensitive, 61-key, additive synth with the option to expand to 20 voices...but what does that mean? Additive synthesis is the process of creating pitch via the combining of sine waves. The additive wave shapes are calculated on the digital main board, then the results are sent to the digital voices boards (2 voices per board) as a short sample with the length of one wave cycle. The loudness and frequency envelopes are very complex, which is where the fun comes in. You're able to adjust the parameters in standard or module mode, which can create different textures and magic. Additionally, this unique keyboard includes an on-board delay effect created with a Bucket Brigade chip and it sounds incredible. But don't take my word for it: you're gonna have to experience the excitement for yourself. 

This classic synth shows light signs of use (which is amazing considering its age!). It functions great and ships the next day with the included road case. 

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