Williams Audio Supa Fuzz

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The Williams Supa Fuzz is a very faithful recreation of the legendary Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal. Built by Sola Sound in the 1960's for Marshall Amplification, the Supa Fuzz was one of the most popular incarnations of the Tonebender and famously used by Pete Townshend amongst many others including Jeff Beck. The Supa Fuzz circuit is very similar to the MK11 circuit, the main variations being found in capacitor values and the use of OC75 transistors. These subtle changes in the circuit produce the 'ballsiest' of the Tonebender family, the fuzz feels thicker with a touch more lower end. Like the MK11, when the fuzz is fully dialed-in, the tone is saturated with masses of sustain, yet amazingly responsive to the dynamics, chords are big and rich yet still articulate and warm. Single notes sustain until eventually ringing out into dying upper harmonics.

This brilliant fuzz pedal will ship Supa Fast upon purchase!