Yamaha DX27 61-Key Digital FM Synthesizer

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Is it a DX7? DX100? No! But a secret third thing, the DX27. It's essentially a full-sized DX100 with slightly less functionality/flexibility than the DX7. This synth utilizes Frequency Modulation, or FM synthesis, like all the other keyboards in this series. Capable of producing some pretty interesting textures and containing 192 preset patches, you'll be inspired instantly upon plugging it in. You can also design up to 24 user patches, so go crazy! Get weird with it! Build huge, complex chords with it's 8-voice polyphony, or dive into gritty acid bass funk bliss. The choice is yours.

We've tested this synth thoroughly and it functions with zero issues, unlike most of these that you'll currently find on the market, and it includes the power supply. Would rather not ship this bad boy, but if we must, we'll ensure that it's packed up safe and secure! Feel free to call us with any questions you have. Buy with confidence!