Yamaha Flying Samurai EGV-103C

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The 3 words that describe this guitar best are as follows: freaky, fly, and funky! Original released in the 60s, this amazing reissue carries on the appointments of the original. And still looks like it could slice you in two.

Loaded up with triple single coil pickups and an S-style trem, it has a amazingly playable C profile maple neck (.805"-.963") with a 12" radius. The pickups sound like single coils, full of sparkle and spank (N: 869k, M:8.5k, B:8.85k). 

The pro guitar techs here at EMS have gone over this guitar giving it a full setup and level, ensuring that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues. It'll be ready for stage or studio the moment you slide it out of its oddly shaped, form fitting gig bag. We ship swiftly and safely the next day.