Yesterday Effects Civil War BMP

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The highly sought after Big Muff complete with original, period-correct KT3102 silicon transistors from Russia.

Here is a clone of the legendary Civil War Big Muff Pi. Original units have found their way onto countless classic records and guitarists/bassists across many genres swear by this circuit. However, while still maintaining the original sound of the circuit, this clone is also fitted with two features that the original doesn't have.

Yesterday's Civil War BMP boasts two rotary switches that independently control the clipping sources for each clipping stage of the circuit. This allows the user to toggle between silicon diodes, lifting the diodes, and MOSFET clipping. There are 18 different clipping combinations possible with this feature. One of the clipping combinations turns the pedal into a Colorsound Supa Tonebender, as outlined by the included user manual.

In addition, this version of the Civil War BMP employees a fourth knob that is designed to work in relationship with the tone knob to bring out varying mid frequencies. Standard BMPs scoop the mids in some way, which can be unfavorable especially in live situations. The mid shift knob allows the user to create and explore new Big Muff tonal possibilities that have seldom been heard.

Yesterday's Civil War BMP is complete with period-correct KT3102 silicon transistors, the same kind that some original Civil War units used. It's Yesterday once more.


-Period-correct KT3102 Russian transistors.
-Etched in-house PCB.
-1590bbs enclosure.
-Top mounted jacks.
-True bypass.

-Current Draw 3mA

-Compatible with standard negative center 9v adapters. Run only at 9v.

-Reverse polarity protection.

Handmade with love in the USA using hand picked and hand matched components of exceptional quality.