ZVex Fuzz Factory Hand Painted Myrold '99

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Okay, we are drooling over this one. The fuzz pedal to end all fuzz pedals in all of its hand-painted glory.

This particular pedal dates back to 1999, and is one of the earlier Myrold hand-painted models. This instant classic is packed with knobs that let you control everything from tight, radically fuzzy sounds that gate off instantly when you stop playing, to intermodulating oscillations that fight for control of your guitar as your notes decay, to shortwave radio sounds, ripping velcro and octave-like fuzz.

This killer pedal has been very lightly used, especially considering its age, and still wails like it did the day it left Zachary's bench. We'll ship it to you safely and swiftly. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this pedal!